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Affordable small business accounting in NZ improving the lives of business owners.

Bring On Monday, the innovative small business online accounting service that both you and your bottom line will love.
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The ol' elevator pitch.

We believe that small business owners should have the same access to quality financial support as the big guns.

Without the right expert, accounting can be hella confusing and time consuming. We’ve thought long and hard about the unique needs of small business owners, then crafted our accounting services and systems to tend to your every need - just the way you like it. 

The latest innovations allow us to bundle once pricey packages into affordable options, while a little human intuition results in an easy, holistic small business accounting service that gets you. We're talking your very own accountant in NZ who can help you face those numbers you've always hated to smooth the way to success.

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Four steps towards better small business accounting.

  • We begin with a non-obligatory call with a savvy (if a little enthusiastic) business accountant to get the lowdown on your needs, wants and challenges
  • Next, we match you to the right small business accounting service - from a simple income tax return with a little extra support to the full shebang with bookkeeping, GST return, payroll, accounts payable and performance reviews
  • We’ll then give your small business a quick health check
  • Finally, we’ll flick through a proposal with one of our low fixed monthly fees you’ve heard so much about, starting at just $79.
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What makes our online accountants tick ?

Friends with benefits

Bring On Monday are expert accountants and bookkeepers, but we’re also just decent humans. We take the time to make your small business our business, then treat it like it’s our own baby. Through new-age methods like actually listening (shock horror), letting you know when something looks a bit off and going out of our way to offer the support you need, we create bonds for good.

We're in business for good

We’re entrepreneurs too 

We are industry rebels in our own right, shaking up the world of small business accounting using innovative technology, holistic thinking and modern business models. Our passion is partnering with those who have taken the same path and we are over the g-darn moon to smooth the way. If we haven’t made your life as a small business owner easier after three months, we’ll return your subscription fees without the awkward breakup.

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We’re in business for good

We’re not here to boost our bottom line, we’re here to improve the lives of small business owners and build a savvy, resilient and successful community of Kiwi entrepreneurs. We balance our profit with our purpose and consider the impact of all decisions on our people, customers, country and environment.

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Financial support for all

Whether you work with apps, cats or skincare, understanding the numbers is pretty darn important. We believe that all small businesses should have the same access to quality financial support as the big guns, so have designed our systems so everyone can afford it - without any of that corner cutting. On the off chance you find a cheaper all-inclusive accounting services for small businesses that are as good as ours, we’ll beat their price by 10%.

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We’re in business for good
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Entrepreneurship is in our DNA
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“Bring On Monday have been brilliant to work with since our first meeting. They have helped us to bring Governance to our systems and enabled us to scale. Their eagerness to help and powerful insights have made for a tremendously valuable working relationship!”

Jack Coleman, Double Yolk

"Working with the team at Bring on Monday has been great for my business - setting the foundation for financial understanding and growth. As a start up it's really helpful to have a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping service at an affordable rate.”

Steven Leaney, Abstract Digital

“BOM provide us with a complete accounting package and it makes my life so much easier. I really enjoy the high-level summaries, monthly check ins and its a great feeling not having to be bogged down in the details now that’s all taken care of!”

Shay Lawrence, CaliWoods

"As a business owner, it was a huge relief to find BOM. When you've got a million things to do, it's a great feeling to have them take away the stress of managing things like GST, payroll, tax returns and reconciling. BOM allow you to put your attention elsewhere, while feeling confident that things are under control."

Carl Meyer, Pine Pollen New Zealand

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