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Business accountants
with equal parts heart
and smarts.

So, you’re looking for an accountant that understands business to take the stress out of running your company?

Pour yourself a hot cuppa, take a seat and find out what we stand for. Spoiler alert, it’s mostly setting entrepreneurs up for success with affordable, easy and empowering accounting and coaching.

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Bring on Monday's eagerness to help and powerful insights have made for a tremendously valuable working relationship!  

Jack Coleman - Founder, Double Yolk

We’re in the business of empowering Kiwi entrepreneurs.

Well hello there, we’re Kai and Danny; co-founders of Bring on Monday with a shared passion and talent for helping business owners achieve their personal goals, through business.

Today Bring On Monday is an innovative, intuitive accounting service partnering with small business owners around New Zealand to provide the tools for success, remove stress and improve lives. What you might not know about us is we began as monthly Monday morning events, empowering entrepreneurs via a range of topics from mindfulness and sustainability to efficient processes.  

After a few Q&A’s, we quickly realised that there was a significant lack of understanding and confidence in one of the most important elements of any business and what our people really needed was affordable, easy-to-use financial support. An expert to take a good look at their books, hold them accountable, streamline their process, set up simple systems and provide advice when required.  

With an empowering mindset and holistic approach to business, Bring On Monday evolved into a valuable accounting, bookkeeping and coaching service designed with entrepreneurs in mind. With the occasional Monday morning event for old times’ sake.

The catch we exist to counter: Unless you’re a financial savant, all business owners face the same catch-22. Because of fun things like payroll, tax returns and GST returns, accounting is a basic requirement for any business. To grow, it’s an absolute essential.

For a budding entrepreneur like yourself, you’ve got two options; spend your hard earned dosh outsourcing to expensive professionals or invest your valuable time learning the ropes, leaving a fair bit of room for error (no offense) and resources wasted. We know, we learned the hard way.  

When we founded our first business ten years ago, we knew we wanted to set up financial processes that helped us expand and make our day-to-day more efficient. We required an expert hand for financial admin, compliance and business performance but as new business owners, this just wasn’t in our budget. We had no other option but to master it ourselves. Lucky for you, we can now offer the affordable accounting solution we were lacking - with a hearty side of insight and empathy. 

Financial support for all: Bring On Monday solves this accounting conundrum faced by all business owners by applying our years of hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, employing the use of the world’s most innovative accounting systems and treating your company like it’s our own business baby.  With half of our founding team in South Africa, Bring On Monday employs a crew of talented bookkeepers who work alongside our New Zealand head office to deliver exceptional, professional accounting services and advice at an reasonable rate. 

Together, we take full responsibility for your financial administration and compliance, including tax returns, GST returns, payroll, bookkeeping and advice when you need it, all at less than the market rate. We like to think of ourselves as your savvy business partners who genuinely care about your success, whether that’s upping your profit, achieving your goals or just having one of those good work-life balances you’ve heard so much about.  

We’re not here to boost our bottom line, we’re here to improve the lives of local business owners just like you and build a savvy, resilient and successful community of Kiwi entrepreneurs.  

Meet your small business partners 

Meet the full Bring On Monday family, working together from opposite ends of the globe to bring you New Zealand’s innovative, intuitive accounting service.
Registered Tax & Business Advisor and Partner

Danny is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business. Alongside his entrepreneurial ventures (including co-founding Bring On Monday), Danny has crafted his expertise through lecturing in business and leading successful sales teams. Now, a Registered Tax and Business Advisor, Danny channels his wealth of knowledge and passion into helping business owners thrive holistically.

Registered Tax & Business Advisor and Partner

Kai is a dynamic leader with a background in corporate finance and a knack for nurturing startups. Over the past 15 years, Kai has left a mark on the Kiwi business world, having founded, managed, and advised numerous successful ventures and social enterprises. As a Bring On Monday co-founder, Kai is our on-the-ground connection in South Africa, rallying the troops, supporting tertiary skill development, employment opportunities and a pretty solid cricket team.

Team Leader

Carmen is an accomplished Chartered Accountant (SAICA) previously working at PWC in both L.A. and Johannesburg as an Audit Manager. She now brings her wealth of experience to Bring On Monday here in NZ with a commitment to helping business owners thrive. With her unique combination of professional expertise and problem-solving skills, a love of the outdoors, and a passion for helping others, Carmen brings a well-rounded perspective and a refreshing energy to everything she does.

Senior Accountant

After a solid seven years in the accounting world, Chrizel earned her stripes as a Chartered Accountant (SAICA). But here's the thing about Chrizel – she's not your average number cruncher. Known for her friendly, bubbly personality and always keen-to-lend-a-hand attitude, she adds a personal touch to everything she does. When it comes to diving into the ins and outs of accounting and tax, you can bet Chrizel does it with genuine enthusiasm. She truly loves what she does and aims to excel every step of the way.

Senior Accoutant

Charlize is a chartered accountant with a knack for numbers, a passion for people, and 6 years of accounting experience up her sleeve. Charlize enjoys working with small businesses and entrepreneurs enabling them to make sense of their financial data, empowering them and aligning their business and personal goals every step of the way. She is a big fan of personal development, always looking for ways to grow and improve herself and the world around her.


Refilwe is a dedicated and registered Professional Accountant (SA) with six years of invaluable experience specialising in assisting SMES as well as individuals with their comprehensive accounting and tax requirements. With an aim to make a difference, Refilwe is committed to offering support both in professional and personal endeavours. With a blend of professional expertise and a genuine desire to uplift others, she brings a holistic approach to every aspect of life.

Senior Bookkeeper

Danie brings a decade's worth of invaluable experience that includes financial administration and a keen eye for detail that sets him apart in the accounting world. Whether it's balancing books or fine-tuning financial records, Danie always ensures that your accounts are managed with precision and efficiency. His dedication to excellence and passion for the intricacies of accounting make him an invaluable asset to BOM.

Senior Bookkeeper

Kerisa is a rising star in the accounting industry with four years of solid experience under her belt. Renowned for her attention to detail and aspiration for nothing but the best, Kerisa has transitioned into a new chapter of her accounting career, enjoying and embracing the world of NZ finances. Kerisa's passions extend far beyond the numbers though. When she's not busy weaving accounting magic for your business, you'll find her immersing herself in the talents of others around her.


Hannes brings his talents to the forefront as he dives deep into business accounting, blending it with his knack for communication and versatility. From earning a degree in Communications to navigating the fast-paced world of news and now 3 years of bookkeeping experience at BOM, Hannes has a wealth of experiences that have shaped his unique perspective and top-notch service. He doesn’t mind getting elbows deep in accounting to find the answers you need.

Office Administrator

Sunette is our multitasking ‘mum-preneur’ seamlessly handling spreadsheets and sippy cups. With a rich background spanning sales, retail and logistics, complemented by a degree in urban and regional planning, she brings a refreshing diversity to BOM. Known for her love of helping others and embracing new challenges, Sunette plays a vital part in our team when it comes to tackling business challenges and crunching numbers together.

Marketing & Content Coordinator

Marika is our marketing guru, with a degree in Digital Media & Design, and over 10 years of experience through sales,  marketing, administration and management. She brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to conveying our business and accounting resources through digital and social media to help Kiwi businesses thrive. When it comes to sharing our fountain of knowledge, she doesn't hold back, and you can bet she'll always be right there cheering your business on from our social media channels.


Sound like a bit of you?

Ready to start saving money, while also maximising on time and growing your business? Talk to the team at Bring On Monday today about your business accounting and become one of our good statistics below.


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